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Big Tree at Furniture Fair - North Carolina

Founded in 1981, Big Tree has always specialized in solid oak furniture, from file cabinets to curios. We got into the futon business in 1989, when a vendor asked if we could make an oak futon frame. All 27 truckloads of our oak frames sold like hotcakes.

At that time, futons were still a novelty. Small specialty outfits made either frames or mattresses, but not both. As a furniture company, we knew there was a better way. We wanted to make it easy for you to buy a fine quality futon, so we created a complete futon package—futon frame, mattress and cover. (Of course, you can also purchase our frames and mattresses separately.)

Big Tree was the first to raise futon frames to sofa height, for greater ease and comfort. We're at the forefront of new developments in futon frame styles and mattress technology. Big Sleep manufactures futons and covers domestically, proudly employing American workers.
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